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natural wholesome  ingredients

plant-based, clean and healthy

🚫 no fillers
🚫 no preservatives
🚫 no added sugar 

🚫 no added colouring 
🚫 no added flavouring 
🚫 no added anything

functional superfood snack bars that are
made with plant-based ingredients,
literally crafted one by one

just enough chewy, just enough crunchy, then a burst of flavour

our bases

our nut-butter ingredients are home-made, starting with the raw nut.
it's the only way we could make sure there is no funny stuff in there

almond butter

our home-made almond butter hits the trifecta of creamy, chewy and nutty. it also helps lower cholesterol and is loaded with Vitamin E.

made from date paste, almonds
allergens: contains tree nuts

cashew butter

our home-made cashew butter is rich and naturally sweet. a good source of iron and magnesium, it also improves cardiac health.

made from date paste, cashews, almonds
allergens: contains tree nuts

coconut bits

our home-made coconut base adds freshness and a chewy texture to each bite. coconut is an excellent energy boost for your body and mind.

made from date paste, desiccated coconut, date syrup
allergens: contains tree nuts


our home-made date base is a natural source of sugar. it will satisfy your sweet tooth, keep you full, and provide you with essential nutrients.

made from date paste, date sugar

hazelnut butter

our home-made hazelnut base is the ultimate melt-in-your mouth experience. with the richness and nutty taste of hazelnut, be certain that your snack is off to a delicious start.

made from date paste, hazelnuts, almonds
allergens: contains tree nuts

peanut butter

our home-made chewy peanut butter base is a decadent treat loaded with healthy fats. it’s made with no added sugar, and is the perfect comfort food.

made from date paste, peanuts, almonds
allergens: contains peanuts & tree nuts

walnut butter

our home-made walnut butter is our chef’s very own creation. the use of walnuts, one of the healthiest nuts out there, keeps your snack fresh and nutty.

made from date paste, almonds, walnuts allergens: contains tree nuts

our chocolate

homemade chocolate

the chocolate we use is the perfect addition to all our bases if you're looking to satisfy your sweet cravings.

coconut sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, rolled oats

our protein

vegan protein powder

the vegan protein powder we use is pea-based, and is made purely from vegetables.

we add a total of 18g to each order
preservative free & contains no gluten, dairy, soy, nuts or eggs

our bites


the healthiest of all nuts, almonds can be used to balance the density of other ingredients. it's loaded with nutrients, is high in calcium and helps lower cholesterol.

allergens: tree nuts


this creamy nut is rich and sweet. it’s high in iron and magnesium, and improves cardiac health.

allergens: tree nuts

chia seeds

chia seeds are a great element to use to add crunch, but keep your snack healthy. they’re also known for their incredible beauty benefits.

chocolate chips

these morsels of semi-sweet chocolate don’t need an introduction. make your snack even more indulgent with these bites of chocolate goodness.

semi-sweet chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, milk fat, cows milk, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, artificial flavor (vanillin), dark chocolate contains min 42% of dry cocoa solids)
allergens: contains dairy & soy

cocoa nibs

cocoa nibs have all the flavour of regular chocolate chips, but are made purely from crushed cacao beans. they are great at reducing stress and inflammation.

corn flakes

our gluten-free corn flakes add some serious crunch, and help boost the texture of your snack.

flax seeds

flax seeds are a great addition to foods if you're looking to add a crunchy, earthy or nutty element. these seeds are high in omega-3 fats among other benefits.


hazelnut is a favourite in sweet foods, and really stands out when paired with chocolate. it’s rich in unsaturated fats, vitamins and protein.

allergens: tree nuts

macadamia nuts

macadamia is a precious, exotic nut loved for its buttery texture. it’s high in heart-healthy fats, which makes it a delicacy in desserts.

allergens: tree nuts

mini oats

our gluten-free wholegrain oats are a great source of fibres, and are considered a healthy breakfast choice that are popular with kids and adults alike.


these popular nuts are loaded with healthy fats, and are high in protein. their sweet profile will leave you with a pleasant after-taste.

allergens: peanuts


a super-healthy nut with a mild and earthy taste, pecans are used to neutralize the intense flavours of your snack, and help boost your metabolism.

allergens: tree nuts


pistachios are a fresh and nutty choice with a subtle taste. they contain plenty of protein and other vital nutrients.

allergens: tree nuts

pumpkin seeds

with a chewy texture and subtle taste, pumpkin seeds are a past-time snack across many generations. they benefit both the heart and liver.

rice puffs

our gluten-free wholegrain puffed rice are airy and crunchy, and are chosen because they’re a breakfast staple in many households.


walnuts are an earthy nut with a smooth texture. they're excellent for both your heart and brain.

allergens: tree nuts

our bites

chilli flakes

these tiny flakes compliment the sweetness of other ingredients with a spicy after-taste. they boost metabolism, and decrease hunger and pain. 


cinnamon provides warmth and sweetness to your snack. it’s still used as a medicinal remedy around the world, and boosts the flavour of everything it’s added to.


the intense flavour of coffee immediately makes you feel like you’re starting a fresh new day, and gives you just the kick you needed.

contains caffeine

dried apricots

dried apricot gives you the sweetness you're craving, without the added sugar. it's a humble dried fruit that's good for your bones and nerves.

dried cranberries

fruit that tastes like candy is a winner in anyone’s book. in addition to being delicious, dried cranberries are a great antioxidant and source of nutrients.

dried figs

a bite of dried fig is a burst of concentrated flavour and chewy texture. it's high in fibre, which keeps you feeling full and helps with digestion.

ginger powder

ginger is sweet, fresh and spicy all wrapped up in one. it has been used for centuries to cure inflammation and nausea.

goji berries

a sweet and sour kick with a fresh and fruity aroma. goji berries are healthy antioxidants that reduce inflammation and boost the immunity.

golden raisins

raisins are not for everyone, but those who love them will agree that they add a fruity, light flavour to snacks. they’re packed with energy and are naturally sweet.


this popular flavour is made of powdered green tea leaves. it is a source of caffeine that is associated with a variety of health benefits.

contains caffeine

pumpkin spice

pumpkin spice is the ultimate autumn flavour. it’s actually made of a blend of spices and is the dominant taste of pumpkin pie.

made from cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, all spice and cardamom powder.

sea salt

sea salt is a crunchy delight that balances sweetness, and perks up the depth of the other flavours in your snack.

vanilla extract

vanilla helps boost the flavour of the ingredients you pair it with. it’s usually added to foods as a sweetener instead of sugar.

our products are manufactured in a facility that handles sesame, dairy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, soy and tree nuts.

functional superfood snack bars crafted in small batches