summer harvest

net weight per pack: 40g (2 squares x 20g)

base flavour

peanut butter

base chocolate

vegan dark

base binder


bite 1

cocoa nibs

bite 2

corn flakes


goji berries

flavour details

just picture peanut butter and jelly, but made with whole, healthy ingredients!
the addition of goji berry to this crunchy peanut butter snack gives a burst of freshness with every bite.

our plant-based line infuses vegan chocolate into your snack instead of our regular chocolate. because of this, they don't have any refined sugar, just all-around goodness.

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crunch time
crunch time

crunch time

base: peanut butter with vegan dark chocolate & dates
protein: vegan protein powder
bite: pumpkin seeds flax seeds
kick: cinnamon

full bloom
full bloom

full bloom

base: hazelnut butter with vegan milk chocolate & dates
bite: pistachios
kick: dried figs