brand ambassador – snack studio UAE

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we're looking for influencers in the UAE to review our products and share honest reviews. 😀

what are we looking for? any of these! 

  • cool photos/video with you and the product or just the product
  • and/or unboxing photos/video
  • and/or video introduction to the products and an honest tasting review 


  • you are free to post as stories, posts on your profile or not at all if you don’t want to  
  • raw photos/video files are to be shared with us via DM/Google Drive/Drop Box or email 

freebies and discount code

In appreciation of your time and effort, we will send you snacks for free and provide a discount code for your community!

about the products

  • snack studio is all about experimental flavours and unexpected combinations
  • the snacks are crafted in small batch and are both healthy and tasty
  • each flavour is built up with a base, a bite and a kick. It also has a story
  • snack studio has flavours for everyone (and they’re all really good btw, haha) 
  • we only use clean, wholesome ingredients  
  • we don’t add any sugar, colouring, flavouring or preservatives 

some tips to help you out

  • film the videos or take the photos with good lighting (in natural light or with lighting equipment if desired)
  • choose a setting that represents you or your brand: a park, the gym, your room, your favourite cafe, etc.
  • make sure to show all the sides of each packaging item received
  • If possible show the logo of snack studio in the frame
  • talk about your ordering experience, and flavour selection process 
  • take your time opening the package
  • give your genuine reaction to every step of the unboxing process
  • describe the package and your experience opening it 
  • taste the snacks and record your first reaction trying them
  • wear what you usually wear, talk how you typically talk… and don’t feel the need to say you pretend you like anything!
  • remember to tag us in your posts!

great sign me up!

review and sign the agreement. 

let's go