frequently asked questions

we've answered the most common questions below, but if you don't find what you're looking for, please get in touch!

what's the lifespan of my snacks?

the lifespan of our curated collections is 1 year post production, and the lifespan of our make your own snacks is 1 month.

how can i learn more about the allergen information?

you can read more about all our ingredients on the ingredients page, or visit the product pages of our curated collections for specific allergen information about each ready-to-go flavour.

how should i store my snacks?

make sure to store your snacks in a cool and dry place.

how can i know if what i'm choosing works together?

as long as you are choosing ingredients that you love, you should be happy with your order. of course, you will find that some things work together better than others, and will eventually find that winning combination for you. if you don't know where to start, you can check our our curated collections page and order one of our ready-to-go flavours, which we hand picked ourselves.

why are you asking me who the snacks are for at checkout?

each order (both curated collections and make your own) will be delivered in a box labelled [xxx's snacks].
the make your own snacks will also be labelled [xxx's snacks] on the individual packs.

can i personalize an order as a gift?

sure, just let us know who the snack is for in checkout!
their name will appear on the shipping box (and on the individual packs of our make your own snacks) as [xxx's snacks].

are there any subscription plans?

coming soon!

what's the return policy?

all of our products are satisfaction guaranteed, so if you're not happy with your order, get in touch with us on to replace your order or give you a refund. you can read more about this on our refund & cancellation policy page.

how can i order more than 10 boxes?

for orders larger than 10 boxes, please get in touch with us through our feedback form, and someone from the team will reach out to you as soon as possible.